LEUDO VİNAİNO (1800-1900)






     The model of Leudo and its all accessories are made and built by model-maker Nihat Karalar. Linden, walnut, hornbeam and ramin (tropical) trees have been used on this model. It was painted with air-brush and was ended with spray mat varnish.


     The forefathers of the LEUDO are Medieval Lateen sails with two masts inclined towards the prow. In the years that followed, the prow-masts lose in Lateen sails and the bowsprits with jibs appear instead of their. And Leudo comes into the world. Practically it is easy to use bowsprits with jibs.The hull of Leudo has a characteristic egg shape.This building  is  the equipoise for Leudo. It is easier making manoeuvering by a bowsprit with jibs  than a prow-mast . The spar is longer than  the hull of Leudo. Therefore, the setting of a type of  triangle canvas is very hard but it is an advantage for  getting winds. Leudo does not  regret at very hard weather conditions.Heavy  rain water drain nonstop through escape holes .The hardy hatches of store is covered storage goods for demages of rain. Leudo is an İtalian daring youth in Mediterranean Sea.




Written by Nihat KARALAR