Ottoman Bazaar Caique







      Bazaar caiques are lived  in  the Bosphorus between  the 16th-20th century. Model was  prepared according to a scale of 1:24.  The length and witdh of the model are 62 cm. and 10,5 cm. Model and its all accessories are made and built by model maker Fatih Karalar.


      Linden,walnut, hornbeam, sipo (tropical) and cambare (tropical) trees were  used on this model. It was painted with air-brush and was ended  with spray mat varnish. The plan of model was taken from “Per la vice-Admiral Paris Collection” and all colours of this model were original colours of the plan. In 1855, the scales of the  real apparition of the model were like this: length 14,66m. width 2,53m.and height 1,11m. The height of caique store was 50 cm. Boatmen put baskets, panniers, bins, barrels etc. here. It was used for carrying passengers and cargo for a compensation. Each one could carry presumably 50-60 persons. The life of  Bazaar caiques began at the era of  Suleiman the Magnificent and went until 1960. Bazaar caique was trust estate of a mosque and a church in Bosphorus. Sometimes they were used for common entertainments and marriage ceremonies. It was forbidden to mount canvas on the bazaar caiques. Three oarmen were pulling six oars on foot from Üsküdar to Istanbul.




Written by Nihat KARALAR